Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thou Shall have Another

Jeff and I are expecting baby #2 this fall.  Due October 2nd, although I expect a September appearance. We are very blessed and excited.  Some kids don't react well to the news of a sibling, but not my Lucas.  After I found out I was pregnant, but before we told Luke he whined to me that two of his friends "get a baby and I have nothing" with a pout and crossed his arms.  I love the timing of this conversation. I consoled him and about a month later we showed him the ultrasound.  He was instantly excited and declared we should name the baby "Captain Hook".

Now in my fifth month of pregnancy I feel my little invader dancing around all the time, Jeff was able to feel it once so far as well. Its amazing to feel, often when I am having a tough time at work or stressing out about something simple I feel a little nudge and I am reminded what is really important. It reminds me of my pregnancy with Luke, which was very similar and pretty normal - according to the books. Through the journey of deciding when to start trying to have another baby I learned the important lesson that there is never a perfect time, we went back and forth about timing, due to my job change and our financial goals and eventually we decided the conditions were never going to be perfect, but we wanted a bigger family. You would think we remembered this lesson from the first time, but I guess we are slow learners. As it turns out the timing is wonderful, because such a blessing is wonderful regardless of the delivery date.  Luke will be going into 4 year preschool and can't wait to have a baby around.

I have noticed slight changes in Luke since he found out about the baby.  They may be completely unrelated to the news, but he is clinging to stuffed animals which is a new behavior for him.  Luke has a puppy, a "batman kitty" and a teddy bear that he rotates having by his side. He also told me that he would only like a baby brother, because the only girls he likes are his cousins.  He comes up with other hysterical anecdotes almost daily.  I am so excited to see him as a big brother.


  1. Congrats!! I suspected this news, and am so excited for you!!